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the election and do some interpretation. i will give credit to sean hannity and others who for whatever reasons, without getting into motives, are finally coming around to a better, sane view about doing something about immigration reform in this country instead of just denigrating people, and they got there through math. when you look at interpreting results, bottom line, look, paul ryan has a talking point about the house. you could interpret the senate, too. only a third of the senate is up for election every two years because of the constitution. as you pointed out in the open, lawrence, only a small portion of the house is effectively up for election because of gerrymandering. anyone that follows politics understands paul ryan unlike some of his come pay tree atmosphere isn't dealing with the math yet. >> listen to what sean hannity said the republicans are going through right now. >> going to be a close race. >> been anger, criticism, circle a firing squad has been created, and i urge people to stand back from this, it happens every four years for the team that loses, some of it healthy,
't dealing with the math yet. >> listen to what sean hannity said the republicans are going through right now. >> going to be a close race. >> been anger, criticism, circle a firing squad has been created, and i urge people to stand back from this it happens every four years for the team that loses, some of it healthy, a lot of it unhealthy. >> as you point out, sean hannity is doing some of the healthy criticism. he is one of the leaders right out of the gate saying we absolutely have to move left ward on immigration reform. and of course joy, he's not going to admit it is a move left ward but that's exactly what he is proposing. >> sean hannity speaks for what you might call the hack wing of the republican party, he is for whatever will help republicans get elected. that's what sean hannity does. i think the risk is that the base of the party is not going to be easily moved to the left. they still have to deal with people who for 30 years have been fed a message that this is your country, those people are trying to take it from you, those illegals as they like to
the country on sunday nights. sir, welcome back. ju you are a great american. >> sean hannity, how are you? >> sean: after the photo op,. billy cunningham where does president obama fly? to vegas. meanwhile, it it is beginning to freeze in the northeast. people don't have heat, electricity. the gas stations that are open people are waiting six hours or long are to be able to get gas. he comes to town. he hugs chris christie, photo op and then heads off to vegas. your reaction? >> i would say a few things. number one, i think this is obama's katrina in which he is showing a complete lack of compassion. i can recall a speech he gave in denver in front of 70,000 fans in which he said if you elect me the winds will stop blowing and the oceans will not rise. what happened to the anointed one and messiah who could control natural events. this dropped out of the friendly skies for a quick photo op and back into the friendly skies and out to las vegas where he said no one should ever go again to raise money. i would say this right now to you, sean hannity, right now in butler county, the most crit
old white men. all right. sean hannity. >> stop you at every turn! there it is! you know at my age the mind starts playing tricks. [ scream ] >> where were we? >> with the fiscal cliff in sight, it appears the democrats smell blood in the water. as you know, if a deal is not reached by january 1 a series of defense budget cuts will take hold and massive tacker hikes will hit each and every american. we've seen democrats from the president on down using the so-called crisis to ram their leftwing agenda down your throat. they want bigger taxes bigger government. >> sean hannity seems to be obsessed with things rammed down your throat. >> election you lost. ok. they're not massive tax increases by the by. >> 2% of americans to pay their fair share. >> stephanie: like sean hannity. sean hannity says. >> no, no, no, no, no,. >> stephanie: it's just milk money. ok. >> one thing about going over the cliff, it would remind people of the cost of government, like your financial advisor says stop paying with a credit card and pay catch for once and you'll get a feel of what things cost. >> st
to sean hannity, we would be talking about it from now to the next selection. >> wait, bill likes me. >> sean hannity and rush limbaugh said this. they apologized and they are on the end of story, done, water under the bridge. the people who are actually paying the bill for them to be on the air don't want to hear that. it is like rush limbaugh and other people. people who use tide run your show if you use tide. >> the good thing about our show is we have gone 1700 shows without saying anything stupid. >> the crazy thing is we are live. the shows we just showed, we are live. we are working on them. >> we have an incredible beeping organism that can travel back in time and then beep it as it is happening. >> which is when a lot of the time you are only on for two seconds of the show because of the organism. >> he can catch you. >> do you have a comment on the show? and if you have a video of your animal doing something, we love those videos. go to fox eye and click on submit a video. we might use it. still to come, the half time report from tv's andy levy. he is our anim
evolution become so popular? sean hannity has now evolved on a path to citizenship for hispanics. i mean, evolution is suddenly the word of the hour here. >> well, the president evolved before sean hannity did. >> schieffer: maybe we need some creationism here-- create new ways to do things. >> evolution brought a new species to washington. the-- what would be interesting about a deal in which the president said, another we're not going to raise rates. he said he will be able-- remember in 2010 after the election the president worked out a deal with congress, and he extended the bush-era tax cuts, but he got a lot of things that liberals wanted. he gave in on his big thing which is the top rate would have to go up but he also got stuff liberals wanted. that kind of a deal could work out here. if we get revenue-- we don't rails the rate but he could say look at all the good things we got. >> through tax reform they would be making our impossible, ridiculous tax code more coherent, more efficient, more helpful, which a lot of people would like. >> very successful in 1986 when they lowered
. joining me now in the studio, radio talk show host, the outspoken billy cunningham. >> sean hannity, how are you? >> sean: how are you? >> i felt as if something crawled inside my body and died. tuesday night, i was lower than whale dung. i talk with you. i was done. but today and last night, i said, you know what? we are not wrong. we didn't do it. the messenger wasn't the best, the message wasn't the best. i think we are millions of moderates in ohio, michigan, virginia who, sat this one out-- >>> why? >> did anyone really believe in his heart that mitt romney was a reagan conservative? >> sean: i have an article here, jeffrey lord, when conserveatism is a second language. i have come to really respect, like rom recommend a lot. love his family, his wife is incredible, kids are great. i think he grew a lot as a candidate. they slandered, smeared, justue know what? they won. but you cheat. i mean, it's below the dignity of the office. >> sean hannity, you live in new york. i live in cincinnati. since february, we went through nine months of vicious personal attacks of mitt romney by oba
% of the vote. mark my words, sean hannity, if the republicans cave this time, they'll get the same results that reagan and bush 41 got, which spends tax and no spending cuts. >> sean: we have a spending problem. why do it now? must raise the tax rates, my way or the highway, give me my way first. what kind of negotiation is that? and what's his plan? >> i don't think it is a my way or the highway. bill, sorry, i know that you love to look at my green eyes in person, i'm in l.a. today, sorry about that, but if we look back to 30 years, when we had a different congress, a different president, a different demographic in the american voter, that's crazy. the president has agreed to cuts, which, by the way, is going to hurt me personally, because my husband is a doctor, but we're talking $400 billion in medicare cuts in the future. >> sean: in the future? >> yes. >> sean: years from now. >> this plan sticks to the framework of -- >> sean: tax increases now. republicans give in. then the cuts in the future. that's what's going to happen? >> this is a unicorn budget. it doesn't exist. he's campai
. >> stephanie: this is too much fun. i started to get the e-mails i'm, liker my friend sean hannity must have said something nice to me. [ juan music ] did i say something about left wing hate speech. >> yeah failed talk show host brian mull rooney. >> stephanie: eric burns co-founder of bullfight strategies. good morning eric. >> i feel for you but stephanie, i got to tell you, as you know i'm stuck with carl and right-wing world all the time. we live in this strange land. i'm really troubled, i'm really questioning the adjustment of bobby jindel after attacking mitt romney. what he said was all fun and good, but have these guys not figured out that the republican base--they don't like a person of color telling them what to do? >> stephanie: exactly. yeah we're going get to all that later. so much to talk about and we thought all the news was over after the election. mitt romney, wow wow if you thought he was a douche during the campaign, this tells you when he tried to take back the 47% commend comment he didn't mean it. he double downed it there is no difference between the presidential ca
their views on immigration. even rabid right-wing radio hosts like sean hannity seem to get that. >> we've gotta get rid of the immigration issue all together. it's simple for me to fix it. i think you control the border first, and you create a pathway for those people who are here. you don't say you gotta go home. that's a position that i've evolved in. >> eliot: joining me now political reporter joe williams and molly ball. molly, let me start with you. this is pretty quick pretty dramatic. they didn't get a single vote from the latino community. some are saying, oops, now we got to embrace you. what will the immigration platform of the republican party look like. >> i think there has been a desire for immigration reform, they've been terrified of the base on this issue, but the fact is the republican establishment and allies in the business community want this supply of labor. so this is sort of an excuse for them or an occasion for them to do what they've wanted to do for a long time. i mean if you remember immigration reform passed the senate with 62 votes in 2006. part of the reas
on to them. there is good news. sean hannity has turned around. >> i think on the immigration issue which i think turned out to be very important and probably some issues about women, too some mixed messages were sent. we find the best sweetest crab for red lobster that we can find. [ male announcer ] hurry in to red lobster's crabfest! the only time of year you can savor 5 succulent crab entrees all under 20 dollars. like a half-pound of tender snow crab paired with savory grilled shrimp, just 12.99. or our hearty crab and roasted garlic seafood bake. [ forsythe ] if i wouldn't put it on my table at home, i wouldn't bring it in. my name's jon forsythe and i sea food differently. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone is ready with the know-how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at dev
: wow. >> at least i didn't get cancer. nothing funnier than cancer. >> stephanie: sean hannity. >> we got to get rid of the immigration issue all together. it's easy for me to fix it. you create a path for those who are here. you don't tell them to go home. that is a position i've evolved on. it's got to go resolved. the majority of the people here, if they have records, you can send them here. but if they're law abiding their kids are here. first secure the border. pathway, done. >> done, i never cared about it. it's not a big deal. shut up. >> the only way he changes his position is because he discovered that this party was losing. >> stephanie: right, it's purely political. >> so transparent. >> stephanie: all right, how do we-- >> blah-blah-blah. >> stephanie: i have to say the little feller sounds dispirited on the radio. rebuilding day one.. [ wah wah ] do you see some subtle? subtle. >> it doesn't need to be subtle. >> stephanie: okay, lieutenant colonel calf peters fox security news expert. >> the obama administration just as the administration claimed that there was purely co
their position on immigration. on his radio show yesterday fox news sean hannity says he now supports a path to season seasonship for some living in the country illegally. >> you control the border and you create a pathway for those that are here. that's a position i've involved on. martha: juan williams is a fox news political analyst. what do you think about what sean says. >> i think that quite significant. you will recall when president george w. bush tried to pass immigration reform after his reelection in '04 it was talk radio hosts on the right including sean that said no. so if you get a sean hannity saying let's reconsider. look at the results coming out of this election in terms of the hispanic vote, it's time to move on. it could have impact. i was on the o'reilly show last night with laura ingraham and she feels that's not the solution. she thinks democrats will just one up the ante and republicans will never catch up. there is still some way to go. but that was a significant move by sean. martha: george w. bush was open to a path to citizenship, and work arrangements that will
reform bill with chuck schumer and they're going to work on them. sean hannity is saying let's do comprehensive immigration reform. more specifically on the issue of taxes. it's been more than two decades. bill crystal said yesterday, yeah, it's time to do that. mitch mcconnell actually saying he was basically open to it. i'm not taking this as wow, the republicans have reinvented themselves and this is a nuj republican party and a huge change for the future. this is an aaffirmation about something about how the system is supposed to work. this is why i thought was most important in this election was what were the tactics of the republican party the last four years. their opposition party tactics of total obstruction to politically destroying the president of the other party. were those tactics validated. if they won power back by doing that, it will normally behavior by the opposition party our system is not billed for. the behavior of the republican for the last four years works in a british system where the only function of the opposition party is to oppose and obstruct any way
. sean hannity has spoke up. it creates an opportunity for -- this issue is sitting there for a decade now, this idea that pathway to citizenship is stalled. it creates an opportunity for the reform for real comprehensive immigration reform activists and advocates to say here it is. this is the big bill. comprehensive immigration reform. forget the piecemeal stuff. republicans are on board or not. >> yes or no. >> i bet half the republicans say no. if they get half to say yes and guys like sean hannity giving them cover. >> sean hani intellectually is so small. the evolution is not enough to stop the sort of demographic train of latinos and hispanics becoming part of the democratic party for a long time. you should live in fear of that. we know if the latinos and hispanics go the way black people go the 50 years, it's over for the republican p party. >> when you look at 2004, republicans said we won 44% of this population. we're clearly winning on policy. we don't need to address this anymore, and we don't need to address the immigration issue. that was a huge mistake. you're absolutel
: as sean hannity would say. >> and did say. >> stephanie: yes, and did say. romney is disparaging obama's coalition behind closed doors. it reinforces the worst image of romney who is a sneering plutocrat with contempt for the common man. the man who defeated him has publicly saluted him twice. this is the time for romney to show grace humility and humor too. instead he's coming across as as a sore loser rather than giving his opponent any credit. it's incredible ego. ann romney said this man does not fail. it's like he cannot fathom, he can't get his mind around what happened. literally, these are the excuses of a sore loser. the same can be said for paul ryan. the president should get credit for achieving record-breaking turn out areas from urban areas. first, completely not true. this smacks of sore loser. getting lost in swing states rhode island, new hampshire and if ryan was using urban as a substitute for blacks, yes, he has had votes but also from other areas. romney this is bad form, the sort of thing that might sound good to conservativers, and comes across as tone deaf from j
ohio. >> you can't do my job. you do sean hannity's job. >> that's my job. all of the time we have left. >> this is a fox news alert governor mitt romney is speaking at a rally in new port news, virginia. let's listen. >> he calls it forward. i call it forewarned. (cheers and applause) >> the same course we have been on is not going to lead to a better destination. it means 20 trillion in debt passed on to our kids. it means tripled unemployment and take home pay it means deficit in military which we must not allow to happen. unless we change course we may be looking at another recession. now in his closing argument president obama asked his supporters to vote for revenge. for revenge. i asked the american people instead to vote for love of country. >> together we are going to lead america to a better place and we are only two-days not three. we are only two-days away from a fresh start. two-days away from a new beginning. my conviction that better days are ahead are not based on promises or rhetoric but on solid plans and proven results. and an unshakeable faith in the american sp
showers dress warmly this evening upper 40s. >>> conservative talk show host sean hannity reverses his position, thank you saying he supports pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants. he told listeners to his radio program yesterday he's evolved because the u.s. feeds to get rid of immigration issue all together. he says the country should create a pathway to citizenship for people who are law biding. however, he added those with criminal records should be sent back to their home country . >>> free flu shot clinic gets underway in san francisco today, clinic offering flee vaccinations to adults 18 and over. the clinic is at 4877 mission street in san francisco. you can stop by any time between 10 this morning and 2:00 this morning. >>> with a lot of space heaters and fireplaces in use, operation 7 save a life is underway. abc7 and bay area fire departments are coming together to prevent casualties. the goal to increase the up in of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in homes. home depot is donating 3,000. for tips on protecting family and home check out look under see i
. thank you very much, doug. general petraeus's resignation continues to be the talk. telling sean hannity not only is it suspicious, it is also a cover up. >> it means the president misled the american people misled the world. you can't have it both ways. >> we have to hold them accountable. the state department, the department of defense the cia they all owe the american people truth and justice. they know what happened. even with their basic time lines they don't even agree. they don't match up. >> you think we are in the middle of a major coverup. >> absolutely. if you made a movie about it people wouldn't believe it. >> general petraeus was supposed to testify during thursday's hearing but instead the cia director mike morrell will be appearing. >>> let's get the first degree weather update from maria molina. what can folks expect p today? >> it will be cold especially everyone west of the northeast and southeast. we are talking about cold temperatures in the teens this morning. you need to bundle up from the south into parts of texas. the cold air is moving through the portions of th
on the outcome of the election. they were substantial bets. it better rick $10,000 and i bet sean hannity $10,000. so it is collection time. here is what i'm going to doism want them both to contribute to charities of their choice so they can write checks out to whoever they want to write them out to. >> eric: for real? >> greg: who is a 1% making $10,000 bets? >> kimberly: exactly. >> bob: i couldn't afford to lose it but i didn't lose it. we made a $10,000 bet >> eric: if i did -- >> isn't that what romney bet? >> bob: yes, i don't
from sean hannity and former economic advisor to the president austin goldstein. >> if we want to address the deficit which we should we have to do that with cuts and new revenue. we should either broaden the base or raise the race. >> kwoerming out of the worst recession of our lifetime. >> want to stop whining about this? >> i am not whining. >> when do we stop blaming what i inherited. >> i am not blaming anything about what he inherited. we have added more than 5 million jobs in the last -- >> he lost more. there are fewer americans working. >> if you were to look at the first term of george bush you brought up george bush. >> i am not talking first term. >> those policies generated fewer jobs than barack obama has generated. >> what do euro bam ma friends tell you when you are on the program? >> they don't like it. >> why? >> i don't know. >> they might think you are there. >> on the issue of jobs weekly unemployment numbers rose to their highest level in more than a year yesterday with 439,000 americans filing for unemployment benefits. >>> president obama making his seco
the conservative argument. there's only one partisan host been prime-time. sean hannity. of course, he cites a bill ready. he is middle-of-the-road and he loves the obama's. and ted koppel said he is not opinionated? >> yes. rupiah's the best journalists in america. [laughter] he bush agree with me on all of that. [laughter] so then it runs and they have a horrible clip at romney screaming fed koppel says that he is not partisan enough. no. fable ticket clip of you to say yes then say are you a child molester? [laughter] that is why i knew he footage mind in the debates the issue brewery's see but best of all they will not show you that. baby because they are scumbag board to repeat. but people see balmy on their own. but my friends would call made during the uprising very. >> i say he has been. you are not watching. sorry. i rambled. [laughter] >> figure for the great work that you do to educate america. my wishes every liberal is required to hear you and i don't know how to do that. >> we are often the only conservative college -- voice your kid will hear in four years. syracuse i have dinner wit
, thank you. >>> the reelection of president obama is what sean hannity is talking about this morning. >> hannity looking back at the time of ronald reagan for guidance in the next step of this country. >> you go back to the 1970s mar kret thatcher beca-- margaret thatcher in europe. thatcher by the force of her personality and appeal of her ideas and ideals she was able to reverse the direction of things. same thing is true of ronald reagan. sometimes the public has self reliance and commitment to liberty is not static. just because we are in the valley one day does not mean we cannot ascend to the mountain top next. let not your heart be troubled despair is not an option but realism is important. as a conservative we have to realize our task is very different and in some aspects more difficult than we ever thought. we have to make the case, a compelling case in human terms, bad for the s, why does the country and bad for the individuals. we have to present a vivid picture to people of why human happiness is increased and not decreased by limited government. >> hannity also went on t
and support breast cancer research and access to care. >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." moments ago you heard from republican senator saksby chambliss, and with more on predictions for what happens with this fiscal cliff, we have monica crowley and sandra smith. congressman cole says what do we care if we raise taxes on the 2%. seems like the movement is all in one direction. nobody is saying cut the size and scope of the government. >> that's right. president obama for at least two years now, maybe longer, has always been talking about a balanced approach to t deficit. when he talks about balanced approach, he means tax revenue and cutting spending, however the only part of the conversation we're having is about tax revenue. no conversation whatsoever about the spending part of this equation. that's because he has no intention of cutting spending. >> sean: senator chambliss is clear, it's increasing revenue, getting more money from the american taxpayer. isn't that a tax? >> yes. what they fail to see or don't want to see or acknowledge this country doesn't have a revenue problem. ther
and in his heart is oh, no, fox news and sean hannity and rush limbaugh and bill o'reilly and michael savage and drudge report are going to call me a lefty if i say looks like obama has the heat. that's all it is. saying the race at 75% doesn't make it over. if the guy has a two thirds chaps of winning you roll the dice and the other guy wins. here in vegas, it is fairly obvious, and fairly clear what's happening, and i went here to ask the guys who know where the money was and this is what i found out. >> so, home here in las vegas and eager to make bets on the presidential election. obviously i'm in the right place. >> i've got some bad news for you. if you're looking to bet on the election, might have to send you away. don't take any wagers on presidential elections any politics in the state enormously. >> that was a wasted trip. good news, laws against gambling seem to have no impact on americans who continue to wager illegally pretty recklessly. in 2011, $2.88 billion was wagered legally atlasvasion sports books but according to the national gambling impact study commission. $380 billio
last night speaking with sean hannity he continued to express his disappointment with the president and explaining to hannity why he thinks mitt romney is the man for the job. >> a lot of people who feel dissatisfied from voting for him last time are afraid to admit they maybe made a mistake. it's better to be overly defensive and just say, well, i am voting for him again. i just tried to give people when i was at the rnc the idea that maybe they could -- they should think about other alternatives and rather than just voting a party line. of course a lot of people who are on the republican side voted for him last time will probably have regrets. if you have regrets think about somebody else. somebody who offers something else like a business background. governor romney has had a great business background. he's extremely well educated. he has several degrees from harvard. including business and including a law degree. he's just kind of a perfect guy for the job. and i think along with paul ryan you have a great team that's out there ready to go. i think they can correct a lot of the
's only one partisan host, sean hannity. they cite bill o'riley, middle of the road, believes in global warming, gun control, and loves the obama, and kopple got testing saying he's not opinionated? no, he's opinionated, it's that he's the best journalist in america. [laughter] he would agree with me on all of that. [laughter] okay, so then it runs, and they have a horrible clip of o'reilly screaming at a guest, the famous barnny frank one or something. then he comes in and says, but ann coulter thinks bill o'reilly is not partisan enough. it was exactly the opposite! i mean, it's really getting to the point they take a clip of you saying, yes, and incert the question, "are you a child molester"? [laughter] which i knew why romney would shine in the debates. he rarely talks directly. it will be a narrow clip or best of all, they won't show you that. well, he says 47% of the country are scum bag deadbeats. that's what he said. can you show me the clip of that? can i see him saying that? [laughter] as soon as people see romney on their own, i mean, i noticed this in the primary because i
for mitt romney to make up that kind of ground in the final days. >> sean hannity, this date has flipped from the blue column to the red column. mitt romney will win ohio and he's going to win ohio easily. >> holy smokes. meanwhile karl rove is acting like mitt romney has already got the thing all wrapped up. >> for the president to have wiped out his victory margin by poor performance in the early voting and the republicans are going to take election day, boeds well for romney for election day. i think ohio is going to be a squeaker, maybe 80, 100, 110,000 vote margin. >> let's turn to bob strum, mop the floor on that one. >> it's drifl. in the last ten days, 17,000 people have been polled in ohio. if you put all those polls together, even the republican leaning polls, the president has a lead outside the margin of error in those combine surveys. number two, he has a great ground game. if you look at that early voting, that early voting is working out very well for democrats. and in fact in florida where they tried to stop people from voting, it's made them mad and they go wait in lines
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 189 (some duplicates have been removed)